FastGPT is ChatGPT with Superpowers

Kagi continues its pace of innovation by releasing FastGPT. It takes a different approach from ChatGPT and I have found its output to be better. When I asked it about me, the answer was much more accurate than ChatGPT’s output.

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Disney's Complaint Against DeSantis is a Fun Read

Disney filed a complaint in federal court against Gov. Ron DeSantis yesterday. At 74 pages you might be tempted to run it through the Kagi Summarizer. I do not recommend doing so. Even skimming it gives you a few gems.

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iMovie on iPhone is Missing This One Key Feature

I wanted to take the video clips I had from TED last week and stitch them into a vertical video for sharing on social media. Trying to do this with iMovie was my first idea, but it was not a great one. It does not support vertical video. Just horizontal, and odd choice for a video editing app that sits on your phone.

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This Blog Powers AI

The Washington Post has an article that digs into the database of websites that powers Google’s AI. A quick search reveals that this blog is among them.

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Heat Pump Coaches Help Mass Residents Make the Right Choices

From Canary Media:

Heat-pump coaches aim to lower the activation barriers for people interested in the technology. They help neighbors understand the climate and financial benefits of heat pumps, how they work, what incentives owners can get, and how to check that a system will actually meet their home’s heating and cooling needs.

Home heating in New England typically relies on burning fossil gas and fuel oil for heat. HeatSmart Alliance estimates that switching to heat pumps could cut the annual carbon emissions of households in the region by an average of approximately 3 metric tons.

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