How I am Using Apple Vision Pro

February 27, 2024

It has been a few weeks with the Apple Vision Pro and the hype has died down at this point. The reviews have been in and many people have tapered their enthusiasm for it after hearing about its limitations. Despite the challenges I happily kept mine. I use it nearly every day.

The Good Parts

  • FaceTime with friends is fun when you’re not focusing on how you look. Yes the AI avatar looks goofy, but not having to look at yourself or hold your phone in the arm for hours is a huge win.
  • Browsing photos is amazing. Panoramas and 3D photos are especially enjoyable. I rarely went into Apple’s Photos App before I had the Vision Pro, now I visit it every day or two.
  • Movies and TV shows in theater mode are wonderful. It’s a bummer I can’t share with other people in the room, but the quality of what Vision Pro has with spatial audio easily exceeds my television setup.
  • Vision Pro is a pretty good external monitor.
  • Once you figure out how fit works, it quickly and easily turns on and off.
  • Mindfulness provides a new guided meditation that truly takes you into your own world.

What the Critics Have Right

  • The weight is a bit much. It does not bother me, but I notice it.
  • Software glitches make it feel rough around the edges.
  • The fit is personal. If you do not put the effort into the correct strap, light seal, and lenses you will likely have a bad experience with it.
  • Not enough new apps and content.

Flop or the Future?

Media reports suggest that after the initial surge of interest the Vision Pro is not selling as aggressively as Apple’s other products. With its price point, this is not surprising. Even if Apple Vision Pro flops sales wise, I think Apple will continue to iterate on it. The future is here, even if it is in beta.

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