News Without Social Media is Better

As I have been scaling back my usage of twitter one of the things I have discovered is reading online news without social media is better. By not wasting time on links to sites with pay walls I get right to the story. Many of the opinion peddlers on twitter were working to monetize their writing on places like Substack. Sometimes their perspectives were interesting or insightful, but I do not miss them.

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Delayed Weekend Links

Due to the holiday weekend and travel I took a few days off from blogging. Apologies for the lack of announcement on that front. I had some weekend links to share:

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Twitters Sudden and Then Slow Death

In anticipation of the collapse of twitter I re-started my daily blogging habit. I fortified my RSS reader with feeds from my favorite sources. I write here mostly for myself, but am thankful for all the readers of this little corner of the Internet.

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The Cost of Legacy Web Applications

A common scenario I see in web application development goes like this:

  1. A developer is presented with an existing web application and is asked to add a new feature.
  2. Lacking familiarity and confidence in the old code base, they suggest creating a new web application that both implements the new functionality and then easily replaces the old application.
  3. The new application is built with the needed feature, but the re-implemented functionality from the old application falls short. Sometimes of user expectations, sometimes of being able to work with existing systems.
  4. Instead of throwing effort at re-implementing old functionality, the organization decides to run the old and new applications side-by-side.
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Bob Iger Returns to Disney

From the New York Times:

Ms. Arnold called Mr. Iger on Friday and asked him to consider returning to the company, according to three people with knowledge of the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. In recent months, Mr. Iger has made no secret of his extreme disappointment with Mr. Chapek, telling people close to him that he was “devastated” by the downward direction that Disney had taken and that it felt that Disney was losing its soul.

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