RunRepeat is Wirecutter for Running Shoes

I have had to do a lot of research to find good running shoes for my wide feet. In scrounging the deepest corners of Google for reviews of wide foot options, I found RunRepeat. This labor of love is a mix between Metacritic and Wirecutter for running shoes. For many models they fact check shoe reviews with lab analysis of it.

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What Impacts On Time Delivery of Software?

Greg Wilson links to an interesting academic paper from IEEE:

We find that factors such as requirements refinement, task dependencies, organizational alignment and organizational politics are perceived to have the greatest impact on on-time delivery, whereas proxy measures such as project size, number of dependencies, historical delivery performance and team familiarity can help explain a large degree of schedule deviations. We also discover hierarchical interactions among factors: organizational factors are perceived to interact with people factors, which in turn impact technical factors.

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The Magic of Automated Testing

Mike Bland has a new presentation out on software quality:

We’ll discuss why internal software quality matters, why it’s often unappreciated and sacrificed, and what we can do to improve it. More to the point, we’ll discuss the importance of instilling a quality culture to promote the proper mindset first. Only on this foundation will seeking better processes, better tools, better metrics, or AI-generated test cases yield the outcomes we can live with.

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Kitchen Fees are Junk Fees

A new trend I have noticed dining out is the rise of the kitchen fee. While the rationale for the fee is reasonable, its implementation is unfair and deceptive to consumers. With no method to opt-out, it is false advertising, meant to lure consumers into thinking they will spend less than they are.

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Weekend Links

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