How Big of an Upgrade is iPhone 15, Really?

September 18, 2023

The “hard” part of Apple’s new phone release is deciding whether it is worth upgrading. The reality is for many folks phone technology has plateaued. Much of the innovation Apple unpacks every year is not released to the experience of the phone itself, but rather its camera. Since iPhone X unveiled the two camera system, iPhone has had a great camera for a long time. This leaves upgrades appealing mostly to enthusiasts.

Neat iPhone 15 Features

Reality Check

Most folks upgrading from the iPhone 11 or later will not notice the difference. The improved 5G speeds on the iPhone 15 seem to mostly impact folks on the Verizon carrier. Meanwhile the improved weight is nice but few people were complaining that the old phones were too heavy.

Worth It?

If you’re interested in the Vision Pro then making the leap seems worth it. I think most people are more likely to record videos on their phone than carry the headset around to do it. Otherwise recent phones are all great.

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