Rest Duvet's Evercool is the Comforter Hot Sleepers Have Been Looking For

July 28, 2023

I picked up a Rest Duvet Evercool after being intrigued by an ad I saw for it on Instagram. I classically sleep warm or hot. Regular comforters leave me waking up sometimes in sweats. I have mostly learned to endure the warm season, but the Rest Duvet has been a big improvement.

How It Feels

When you first touch the comforter it always feels cool to the touch. Anything that has not been directly touching skin gives a slightly cold feeling. There is little warm about this blanket, it keeps you cool and cozy.

Not a Winter Blanket

I doubt I will use this in the winter months when things get chilly in our home. Overnight it will retain a small amount of heat, but still feels mostly cool. This is fantastic in the Spring and Summer months. However I could see it being a disappointment during the cold winter.

The Verdict

The price point runs a bit high. However, if you are a warm sleeper, this product delivers. I have no disappointments about taking a chance on it.

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