On Threads

July 07, 2023

Yesterday like millions of people I made an account on Threads. Meta cunningly developed a simpler alternative to twitter, leveraging the hipper Instagram brand. Despite concerns about privacy and the eye popping large amount of data it collects, Threads seems to have won the hearts of the public. It managed to take Mastodon’s rapid ascent and grind it to a halt.

Why It Matters

The ongoing implosion of twitter left a hole in many folks social media consumption. A large cohort of the tech and privacy focused people I followed thought the Mastodon migration was a chance for a new model. Instead the confusing architecture of the fediverse mixed with the lack of familiar people and brands may have left Mastodon to clench defeat from the jaws of victory. Meanwhile, Meta’s previously meandering business strategy looks to have regained its focus.

What’s To Like

  • The algorithmic feed is good. Devoid of the trash I see on twitter and the negativity or controversy that permeates even Mastodon.
  • The people and brands you missed from Twitter all seem to be here.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • The recommendations are 🔥.

What Can Be Improved

  • No “following only” feed?
  • My thumb really wants to make a new post from a circle on the right side of my screen, not the bottom.
  • No hashtags. Really?

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