WWDC 2023

June 05, 2023

Today is WWDC 2023. Apple will be announcing the improvements to the newest iterations of its operating systems. Rumor has it they will also be announcing new products including a MacBook Air 15” and virtual reality/mixed reality headset.

When and Where to Watch

1 p.m. Eastern Time on the Apple Website.

What They’re Saying

Mark Gurman at Bloomberg:

I believe — like Apple — that the headset could be the future of the computer and that the company needs to start somewhere. While the first model will likely be a flop in terms of unit sales — at least compared with Apple’s other categories — the company could still become the market leader within a matter of quarters.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball:

If I could pick just one feature for Apple to add in iOS 17, it would be a system-wide clipboard history. (Or APIs that would allow third-party apps to implement a system-wide clipboard history, but I think sandboxing would make that impossible. Probably has to be an OS feature.)

What I Want to See

  • Markdown support for the Notes app.
  • More Reminders and E-Mail App Improvements
  • Custom search providers in Safari outside of the blessed ones.

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