From Scammed to Refunded — How Massachusetts Law Chapter 93A Helped an Uber Eats Customer

June 27, 2023

A couple weeks ago I was scammed on Uber Eats, the mechanics of which are well described by Landon Epps on Mastodon:

Today I finally got a refund from Uber Eats. The magic trick? Sending a 30 Day Demand Letter under Massachusetts Chapter 93A.

Why It Matters

When customer service does not work, sometimes you just need to contact the legal department. Unlike customer service workers, the legal department is provided the opportunity to engage in independent assessment and reasoning. You do not have to fit things into a box.

How I Did It

  1. I looked up Uber’s Registered Agent in Massachusetts on the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth website.
  2. I wrote my 30 day demand letter.
  3. I sent it certified mail to the registered agent.

Zoom Out

Chapter 93A is a powerful tool for Massachusetts consumers that are wronged. I spent over an hour writing an essay on it when I took the bar exam. I now have $26 back.

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