Thoughts on Vision Pro

June 06, 2023

In an announcement that surprised no one, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro headset yesterday. Priced at an eye popping $3499 viewers were left wondering: who is this for?

Why It Matters

Apple long has brought us the future before other companies. Refining technologies long available, they have a knack for transforming it into something useful. However, they also are not afraid to price their wares aggressively. Starting its price at $3499 leaves the device for well-off hobbyists and professionals that can take advantage of it.

What They’re Saying

Nilay Patel:

It’s… a really really nice VR headset with impressive displays and video passthrough. And I mean incredibly impressive displays and video passthrough: I was happily using my phone to take notes while wearing the Vision Pro, something no other headset can realistically allow.

Marques Brownlee:

Just spent 30 minutes in the Apple Vision Pro headset. Y’all. I am. VERY impressed with a few specific things. Definitely stay tuned

Is this the Ultimate Work from Home Setup?

During its presentation Apple emphasized that the quality of its video and audio could rival a high end home theater. However, the canonical demo used by Apple, Meta, and others making headsets seems to be creating multiple displays for a laptop computer. When real estate is at a premium and you do not want to dedicate a large space to a home office, a Vision Pro could be an economical solution.

Where I See it Flopping

  • Meta has flooded the field with its affordable Quest headset for gaming. It has not rivaled the Nintendo Switch.
  • Television and movies are often a social experience, you’re not replacing your home theater with this.

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