Unlocking the Power of AI - How ChatGPT Elevates Writing Styles and Idea Generation

June 21, 2023

If you are writing a press release or blog post, ChatGPT or its competitors is a great way to get ideas and play with writing styles. You just need to try the right prompts:

  • Please summarize this in X paragraphs.
  • Please rewrite this in the style of Axios.
  • Please provide five headlines.
  • Please provide five tweets.

Why It Matters

There has not been a great writing assistant tool since the development of the word processor. Even then they have mostly focused on formatting.

Not a Replacement for Real Editors

The output suggestions from ChatGPT are decent, but rarely feel fully polished. Sometimes they leave out an important point or valuable context. You can try something new, but will likely need to tweak it.

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