Launching the Home Energy Analysis Tool Project

May 10, 2023

Next Tuesday, May 16th, Code for Boston is kicking off the Home Energy Analysis Tool (HEAT) project. In partnership with the Heat Smart Alliance volunteers on this project will take an Excel calculation tool used by their Heat Pump Coaches and turn it into a web application.

The Impact

Choosing the right heat pump creates a good experience for the homeowner and reduces energy waste, helping Massachusetts better meet its climate goals. This app will enable heat pump coaches to more efficiently help homeowners, and later help homeowners make informed choices around their heat pump system purchases.

Who They’re Looking For

  • Designers with experience in UX/UI to do user research and create the look and feel of the application through graphic design.
  • Front end software developers that can translate the design into a usable JavaScript web application.
  • Back end software developers that can create an API and setup a database for data accessed and stored by the front end.

How to Get Involved

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