The Best Way to Listen to Audio is Your AirPods Pro

May 17, 2023

When I got the AirPods Pro 2 I was amazed by how effective the noise cancelling technology is. My over the ear headphones with noise cancelling barely matched how much noise was silenced or blocked out by it. However the high quality of the audio made using AirPods Pro appealing for more situations than just when I need privacy or to cancel out external noise. They are now my default preference.

Why It Matters

When you have incredible audio quality with spatial audio right in your ears, the appeal of paying for expensive audio setups is much less. For what is sometimes as low as $199 now, Apple puts a high end home theater system in your pocket.

How Transparency Mode Changes the Game

My wife and I sometimes like to play our Nintendos together with different games. It is convenient to link the AirPods Pro via bluetooth and then be able to chat because transparency mode passes our voices through the game sounds. It’s enough to make you wonder, why bother with speakers at all? If a device can broadcast to multiple bluetooth receivers and they are likely to be higher quality, life can be a giant headphone party.

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