Launching the Alliance of Civic Technologists

May 16, 2023

Today members of Code for America’s soon to be ended community network known as the Brigade program announced they intend to build a new home for their efforts. The Alliance of Civic Technologists will be built with groups that want to continue to have a place to connect, strategize, and grow.

Why It Matters

Despite the differences among the groups, there is so much they have in common. A place to convene, share ideas, and forge fellowship means leaders of these organizations do not have to do it alone. There are opportunities to share resources, streamline processes, and build the next generation of civic technology community organizations across the United States. The movement is alive, and people are still excited about this work.

Code for Boston Continues to Grow

Last week I announced Code for Boston is launching the Home Energy Analysis Tool and we had over sixteen people raise their hands to volunteer. People still want to volunteer and help their communities in this way. They just need need the right opportunity.

How to Get Involved

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