The Surprising Story Behind Tetris

April 03, 2023

Last night I watched Tetris on TV+. If you are a fan of the game or enjoy a dramatic retelling of history, it is worth the watch. The earnest and naive Henk Rogers navigates the politics of licensing a game from Russia and goes head to head with the KGB and a much larger software company.

A British Newspaper Publishing Games

I learned from the movie that Mirrorsoft was a division of Mirror Group Newspapers in Britain. It may have felt novel when the New York Times bought Wordle, but they were not the first publishing group to see the value in games.

Of Note

Robert Maxwell’s youngest daughter is Ghislaine Maxwell, who was associated with Jeffrey Epstein and charged with sex trafficking underage girls.

Ignore the Critics

Despite middling reviews by critics the gripping story carries this movie above any flaws they have found. Sure the car chase was not real, but it was a fun diversion.

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