iMovie on iPhone is Missing This One Key Feature

April 26, 2023

I wanted to take the video clips I had from TED last week and stitch them into a vertical video for sharing on social media. Trying to do this with iMovie was my first idea, but it was not a great one. It does not support vertical video. Just horizontal, and odd choice for a video editing app that sits on your phone.

Why It Matters

Creatively I do not want to be locked into the tools provided by Instagram or other social media applications when building vertical video. I want the freedom to share it on all platforms. I want to be able to pick music I own.1

The Hack

I learned from searching that I can edit my video horizontally, then rotate all my clips 90 degrees and save the result. Finally I can go into the iOS Photos app and rotate it again. Hacky, but effective.

Other Things Missing from iMovie on iOS

  • Video stabilization, it’s amazing to discover how shaky the video I recorded was.
  • The ability to import music from my Apple Music subscription.

What I’m Trying Next

Maybe the answer is Apple Clips?

  1. Another bummer was discovering much of the music from Apple Music cannot be imported into an iMovie video as well. 

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