FastGPT is ChatGPT with Superpowers

April 28, 2023

Kagi continues its pace of innovation by releasing FastGPT. It takes a different approach from ChatGPT and I have found its output to be better. When I asked it about me, the answer was much more accurate than ChatGPT’s output.

Why It Matters

FastGPT is a bet on the idea that ChatGPT remains more of a parlor trick and the value of AI is speeding existing search up. Folks might be impressed by how life like ChatGPT’s text output is, but it disappoints when you start using it for information retrieval. It is limited to its dated training dataset.

How It’s Different

  • FastGPT focuses on speed over accuracy because if it takes a long time for AI to return results, you might as well just search.
  • Instead of relying on a large training dataset FastGPT conducts an actual web search and then uses its AI to summarize the information in the results.

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