This Blog Powers AI

April 24, 2023

The Washington Post has an article that digs into the database of websites that powers Google’s AI. A quick search reveals that this blog is among them.

Why It Matters

If you’re talking to AI you might be talking to this blog. I did not consent to having my content used in this way or included, but it may be the case that its inclusion is a fair use. Whether I like it or not these thoughts and ideas are preserved for the future in this bot.

I Asked ChatGPT About The Blog

I sent ChatGPT queries about this blog to see if it knew anything. It seemed to include knowledge of a few blog posts around productivity, because every query I made about it circled back to that topic. This surface level understanding makes me think that ChatGPT is an interesting product but not a replacement for search. To work it will need to continually have its model refreshed.

I also asked ChatGPT About Me

It claimed I was Director of Brand and Creative at TED. It listed articles I didn’t write as being a part of the blog. As a research resource it felt worse than useless.

A Programming Note

I was working the TED Conference last week, so apologies for the un-announced interruption. The blog is back as of this morning!

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