Is Warp the terminal of the future?

March 24, 2023

If you use a Mac you are probably familiar with iTerm2, the slightly better alternative to the included Terminal app. A few months ago I discovered Warp which is a fresh new entry into this space.

Why I Like Commercial Developer Tools

I have been using VSCode at Code for Boston due to its support of CodeSpaces, but the other night our container broke and I showed our attendees the usual suite of tools I use. These commercial tools are not priced awfully. expensive for individuals but barely noticeable on your expense report. making them easy to pay annually as part of your work budget. The companies know that it is software engineers making the buying decisions and work hard to build things that make your work more efficient. These commercial tools tend to have better user experience than their open source alternatives.

I’m Not the Only One That Loves Warp

A friend’s boss used the product and then tried to invest in the company.

Still Some Kinks to Work Out

I am waiting for them to fix an incompatibility with fish shell before I can use this new tool full time. It was fun to test drive though!

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