RunRepeat is Wirecutter for Running Shoes

March 08, 2023

I have had to do a lot of research to find good running shoes for my wide feet. In scrounging the deepest corners of Google for reviews of wide foot options, I found RunRepeat. This labor of love is a mix between Metacritic and Wirecutter for running shoes. For many models they fact check shoe reviews with lab analysis of it.

Why It Matters

Running shoes are a highly individual choice and there are a ton of options on the market. As you try different models you start to understand the promises and pitfalls of each. RunRepeat gives you both this zoomed out view of runner experiences combined with the nuance you might need to know whether a shoe has dimensions or attributes that will work for you.

How the Same Size Differs

I typically wear a 9 in 4E width and have found:

  • The latest New Balance 990s I should have sized down half a size.
  • Hoka Bondi 8 in this size was too narrow in the mid foot and boy did I despise the blisters.
  • Saucony Endorphin Speed 3s are only marketed as wide (2E) but fit like a glove. The reviews noted they run wide in the toe box.

Running Stores Carry Limited Options for Wide Feet

Unless you go to a brand’s specific store like New Balance, many running stores do not keep wide width shoes in inventory. This makes it harder to try them on, and makes sites like RunRepeat more valuable.

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