Kagi Search Update

March 29, 2023

I previously wrote about Kagi, a fast paid alternative to Google that searches more independent websites and does not have ads. I started paying for it, and boy have I learned a few things.

The Average User Searches 200 Times a Month

Kagi claims the average user should be able to use the $5/month plan that provides 200 searches a month. I am not average. Barely a week into paying, my meter is up to 66 searches.

Google Isn’t Just Search It’s a User Interface

I find that one reason for so many searches is a lot of the time I have been using Google Search instead of directly going to websites I use. The majority of programming answers I receive could probably be pulled from StackOverflow. It has a good search built in. I just tend not to use it.

A Better Experience

The big upside to using Kagi is the fact it de-prioritizes sites with lots of ads and trackers. This means when I search for random things, I’m less likely to click into content farms. This alone has been wroth the price.

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