An Open Source Game Controller

February 16, 2023

A small company called Input Labs in Finland has developed an interesting open source game controller. Instead of the typical create a product and manufacture it route, they built out the schematics and compiled links to places you can order the parts. It is up to you to assemble it all and install the software.

Why It Matters

The controller itself has some novel innovations:

  • Two gyroscopes instead of one for gyro gaming.
  • A capacitive touch sensitive surface near the regular buttons.
  • An odd looking scroll wheel where a second joystick usually would sit. Maybe great weapon/item wheel?

On top of this, the open design means that presumably hackers can customize the controller design and inputs to their needs.

The Intrigue

A great demo and explanation of the controller capabilities was shared on YouTube by NerdNest.

The Downsides

  • If you want one of these, it is a project to assemble it.
  • It is wired.
  • Only works with PC.
  • The 3D printed plastic case feels like a prototype.

Still Missing

What I’d Love to See

  • The two axis gyro system will hopefully make its way to controllers from companies like 8Bitdo and GuliKit.
  • The fact that seemingly no third party controllers have HD Rumble which is the default on first-party Nintendo controllers remains a bummer.

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