Weekend Links

January 01, 2023

Happy New Year! I have weekend links for you all to enjoy:

  • Southie Gut on Instagram chronicles one family’s gut renovation of a row house in my neighborhood. The list of things that have gone wrong was surprising.
  • The Shameful Open Secret Behind Southwest’s Failure is a good explanation of technical debt and the role it played in this past week’s airline meltdown.
  • Glass Onion was a fun watch on Netflix. Directed by Rian Johnson of The Last Jedi. Keep an eye out for the TED cameos.
  • How to Tame Your Wandering Mind was one of my most influential TED talks of 2022. I increased my use of Headspace to 15 minutes in the morning and now it’s easier to focus on debugging my code.
  • How to Write Less but Say More along with its accompanying book helped me re-think how to write this blog. The data shows you all enjoy the punchier style with more bullets and headers than my rambling. Though I promise there is a longer form piece coming soon.

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