The Only AirTag Case for Glasses

January 05, 2023

I am a big fan of Apple’s AirTags for keeping track of items like luggage and my backpack or keys. However I find it odd as a glasses user that almost no companies sell a glasses case with an AirTag holder. The single one I found is on Etsy and it is expensive but makes a great gift idea.

Why It Matters

Glasses cases are one of my most frequently lost items because in the summer I will need to bring sunglasses with me but have no pockets for the case. This leads me to carrying them in my hands and then leaving them on restaurant tables when I leave. It seems odd that this is not a more robust product segment.

Warning: Do not place an AirTag loose in your glasses case.

A simple solution might seem to be to drop the AirTag into your existing glasses case. Experience taught me this is a great way to scratch up your lens. The metal backing of the AirTag has a tendency to collide with your plastic lens. It’s not that durable.

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