What Kind of Year It Has Been

December 31, 2022

Scripture tells us to run with endurance the race that is set before us. As a runner I know that means preparing for the expected, but being ready for the unexpected. 2022 did not end up being what I expected.

2022 opened with the Omicron surge. Instead of defeating COVID we are stuck in a stalemate. Many folks have recognized we cannot pause living life for a virus that is not going away, but unfortunately have given up trying to battle it at all. I got it twice this past year, and both times were less fun than the easy to get booster shot I took a month ago.

My heart was stolen from me at a beauty pageant. In August I went with my wife to an event in Florida where one of the contestants held a heart health awareness event in partnership with Who We Play For. An EKG reading looked a bit strange. As the doctors ran more tests, I was told I cannot run…for now. My dream of a new half marathon record is on hold.

But just because one dream is on hold does not mean life is on hold. I relaxed with my wife in Martha’s Vineyard and role played Star Wars in Disney World. I staffed my first TED conference in Vancouver. I started the Urban League Heat Pump Accelerator Project at Code for Boston. My brother came up to watch The Killers with me. From New York City to Washington D.C. I visited friends up and down the east coast. When you are told life could have been stolen from you, it feels natural to try and steal some life back.

I do not know what 2023 will bring, but as long as I keep on living, I plan to live it to its fullest. Happy new year!

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