The Luck of mRNA Technology

December 09, 2022

On Wednesday I went for my second COVID booster shot after a year. It has been three months since I have COVID, which I suffered through twice in 2022. The first time was not fun, but the second time was mild. My arm still hurts from the shot, but I am glad I was able to get it.

Bivalent Boosters are Working Well

From the CDC:

Relative vaccine effectiveness (rVE) of a bivalent booster dose compared with that of ≥2 monovalent vaccine doses among persons for whom 2–3 months and ≥8 months had elapsed since last monovalent dose was 30% and 56% among persons aged 18–49 years, 31% and 48% among persons aged 50–64 years, and 28% and 43% among persons aged ≥65 years, respectively.

By The Numbers

What’s the point?

The COVID vaccine and booster reduces but does not eliminate your chance of getting infected, but also does a great job of keeping you out of the hospital. COVID is a horrific disease that has killed a lot of people, but now we have a way to keep ourselves safe. A booster reduces disruption to our lives and reduces the spread of the virus.

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