The Software Engineering Shortage

October 05, 2022

I was talking with my father the other day about the software engineering shortage. Almost every workplace can see this when they post a listing for a technical job. There are few applicants, the quality can be low, and it takes a long time to fill the roles. The only way it seems these jobs can be filled effectively is to have a workplace that is good enough your existing workers want to convince their friends to work there.

By the Numbers

People Like These Jobs?

I enjoy being a software engineer and many but not all of my twitter followers agree.

Despite the proliferation of online courses and bootcamps, it seems like many folks struggle to learn the skills or do not enjoy the learning journey that gets them to being professional coders. The biggest issue I heard from my peers in my tech meetup has been skill building.


Tomorrow I will share some thoughts on why learning to code is a slog.

Tackling the Shortage

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