Rubocop Panic Nova Extension

October 19, 2022

The other day I released v1.2 of the Rubocop extension I wrote for my text editor, Panic Nova.

What’s New

You can now specify running rubocop with a bundle exec prefix to make sure you’re using the version of Rubocop specified by your application’s Gemfile. This avoids rule conflicts if you update your system Rubocop to a different version.

Why I Like Panic Nova

When I was looking to transition from Sublime Text to another editor, I tried VSCode. It had an annoying bug where my 4K monitor would flicker when I typed. I discovered Panic Nova which is made by the same folks that created Transmit, a file transfer app I loved. A few highlights:

  • Nova is Mac native.
  • Lots of extensions are available and they are easy to write.
  • Fantastic customer support. They always email me back with helpful information or appreciation for my feedback.
  • It is regularly updated. Does not feel like abandonware the way Sublime Text did.

What’s Next

I’m working to add a feature to auto-format the current file with Rubocop from a menu item.

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