Disney Plus and Hulu Getting Price Hikes

August 11, 2022

From The Verge:

Disney has announced that it’s raising the price of Disney Plus to $10.99 / month, up from its current price of $7.99 / month, starting December 8th in the US. The move comes as the company is looking to restructure its pricing options, which will soon include a $7.99 / month ad-supported tier.

I understand streaming services wanting to get paid for their value, but the promise of unbundling channels looks increasingly more expensive than the past we left behind. It is easy to justify $5-$8/month for a service I watch a few shows on, but as they approach $15 or $20/month instead of forgetting about streaming services I am more likely to be an intermittent subscriber. I also think Gruber has an interesting take that streaming services will not be their own product but bundled with other things.

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