Weekend Links

July 23, 2022

  • The Fallacy of AI Functionality is a well written critique of AI and AI critics. TL;DR: Too much effort is spent talking about the ethics of AI, and not enough on whether it actually works.
  • How Hertz Paid Accenture $32 Million for a Website That Never Went Live is a good summary of an old dispute. It largely demonstrates the challenges and miscommunications that occur when a whole bunch of folks who are not proficient in software technology are involved in a software project. Lots of miscommunication, missed project deadlines, and finally lawyers.
  • Shapeshifting Robots Can Now Brush Your Teeth was a surprising and neat innovation. Unclear how it might look and manifest as a consumer device, but seems like a great tool for kids or folks that can’t or don’t like using existing methods.
  • When COVID Came for Provincetown was a good case study in how to respond to a COVID outbreak the right way.

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