A Trip to the Garyvee Conference

June 11, 2022

From The Verge:

VeeFriends holders and Vaynerchuk fans have a shared language, and patterns quickly begin to emerge over the course of interviewing dozens of people of different ages, races, and backgrounds. Nobody will admit to buying a VeeFriend to try to make money. Instead, they recite talking points that are common among NFT communities broadly, but also some that can be traced back to Vaynerchuk directly: Gary always says, “Don’t overextend yourself financially.” The market might be down, but it will bounce back. 99 percent of projects will go to zero. VeeFriends, they’re confident, will be one of the few exceptions.

While I enjoyed Gary Vaynerchuk’s early work, this latest venture into crypto world feels like a lot of flash and little substance. This article gives a great flavor of what the crypto space looks like today.

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