TED Women 2021

December 05, 2021

One of the fun perks of staffing #TEDWomen this past week was getting to see most of the talks in real time. These will probably be posted to the website in the coming weeks and months, but wanted to highlight a few of my favorites:

Jennifer Nuzzo gave an important talk on pandemic response. Her call for data standards is one that must be heard in governments across the United States. It reminds me of my previous post on why Massachusetts struggled to make a vaccine website.

Comedian Singer Marcia Belsky had me cracking up. Her amusing observations cut the truth with a side of a humor.

Entrepreneur and educator Shabana Basij-Rasikh is doing incredible work to educate Afghan women, and her talk is already online. If you have not heard her story, watch it for inspiration and to hear her challenge to the world:

I used to ask “where is Girls who Code but for like construction” and after watching Emily Pilloton talk I no longer do. I think she was the first speaker to use power tools on stage. I can’t wait to share her talk when it’s online.

Finally Kathryn Kolbert gave an honest assessment of the future of women’s reproductive freedom. I think she was the only speaker to get a standing ovation before and after her talk.

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