NetNewsWire is the Best Way to Get News

June 15, 2020

I have felt increasingly frustrated with twitter. For the longest time I have used it as a news source. I followed lots of journalists and for the most part twitter had done a great job of sending me to interesting content, like Facebook before it. Lately this has not been the case. Twitter has been prioritizing original content, and that content has been bad.

I have turned back to an old school tool to get my news: RSS. RSS is far from dead. I have had a Feedly account for a good while and used Reeder on my Mac and iPhone to read feeds. When Facebook beat RSS at this I abandoned RSS. Facebook started to decline including removing custom feeds and I hopped to twitter. Now I have come full circle.

I have discovered NetNewsWire is the best RSS client on iOS. It is free and open source. It is fast. Most importantly I can swipe my news articles like tinder profiles. Smart Feeds make it easy to filter to today’s news or all unread articles. I was excited to learn the developers are responsive to feature requests. This app is fantastic today, and will only get better tomorrow.

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