The Reboot

November 12, 2018

Over the past few weeks I have been doing lots of traveling. I went to North Carolina for Code for America Brigade Congress a couple weeks ago. Then over the past two weeks I was in London and Spain for vacation. While these are fun and important trips, they also infringe on an important part of my routine. On Sundays I usually reboot by going through all my to do items and reconciling my finances. My inbox is cleared, groceries are ordered, and I ready myself for the week.

The weekly reboot comes from the weekly review idea from the Getting Things Done methodology. David Allen’s Getting Things Done book had a moment around ten years ago where it took off. I do not follow every aspect of the methodology but keeping a central to do list, working towards inbox zero, and making sure to write things down are central ideas to keeping my head around everything I do.

Vacation itself was also a reboot. By changing my routine and where I lived for a while I could approach current projects with a fresh perspective. I was mostly successful at getting my work and Code for Boston projects out of my mind so I could enjoy my trip. I missed some of the things in my routine like writing for this blog in the morning, but clearing my mind was worth the hiatus. Approaching things with a clear head helps with both judgement and creativity.

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