Guitar Makers and Musicians

September 20, 2018

As a software developer one of the things I have noticed that my peers are passionate about are their tools. There are always new tools. Fancier tools. Different tools. Sometimes the tools are generic. Sometimes the tool is a new package manager or programming language to use. While I have a set of tools I use and I love them, I am not nearly as passionate about my tools as I am about building software for non-software people. Some people are passionate about making guitars, and others are passionate about making music.

One consequence of this is that I generally do not find learning a new software language or tooling to be an exciting activity. Many of my peers find the tiny changes and differences in software languages and tools to be interesting. They love learning a new language or tool for the sake of exploring it. I know this feeling because I used to have it. However now that I have a toolset that I love and use I tend to view new or other tool sets as a barrier to me making my products. My barrier for feeling like a new technology is worth it is now much higher. Unless the project is integrating with a legacy application, a new technology better bring something compelling to the table.

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