Apple Product Day

September 12, 2018

Today is one of my favorite days of the year when Apple announces its new products. I have been following the rumor websites and many of the potential new products have already been leaked. However rumors are not always correct and sometimes do not tell the whole story. They are merely kindling for our curiosity.

The fact that there is so much anticipation about a day like today also shows the skill behind Appleā€™s business marketing and strategy. They have trained us to expect major hardware innovations on an annual schedule. They tell their story but also get others to share their story throughout the year. They somehow have figured out how to write create compelling narratives.

While I know new technology can sometimes be banal, I still look forward to it. I will not likely purchase many nor all of the new things Apple releases today, but as someone that works in technology it is exciting to see where the industry is going.

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