Why Code for America and Code for Boston Take Donations

July 28, 2018

Yesterday someone asked me why Code for America was soliciting for donations via email. The answer ends up being mundane: Code for America is a non profit so they run entirely on donations. Some are from big donors and tech companies but some also come from smaller donors. Folks can donate to Code for America and earmark it to Code for Boston and that’s how we pay for pizza, events, etc.

Since folks at Code for Boston donate their time we try to not ask for direct donations and focus on corporate contributors, but other brigades operate more like a co-op where people put in money for food every week. We have considered asking members for donations before but so far have been lucky enough to generally not have to do that.

Over the next few months I will likely be doing more fundraising for Code for Boston to make sure we have money in our account to cover our expenses. While we are not in danger of running out of pizza money, raising capital can help us put on better events and reimburse some of the developer and core team expenses that we want to cover. If your company or organization wants to sponsor Code for Boston get in touch or donate online.

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