The Backlog

May 19, 2018

The other day one of my co-workers mentioned that she feels like she has a lot of free time in her life. This is one feeling that I struggle to relate to lately. I have been working to try and liberate time where I can. Despite doing this I can tell I am still a bit behind on the basics. My email inbox still needs to be tended. I blog a few times a week instead of every day. I am not able to do everything I want and it is tough.

The two big items in my life are my day job at MAPC and Code for Boston. Next to that is my training for a half marathon. Once I have carved out time for those things I also need to make sure I am still talking to my friends and family. I have a backlog of games on Nintendo Switch that I am working through, most recently Super Mario Odyssey. I am reading a couple books including the latest Dan Brown novel and an introduction to the Swift Programming language. This is to say nothing of the Arduino kit sitting in my drawer and books I have not started yet.

One way I have liberated time is to get an Instacart subscription. By removing the need to travel to the grocery store every week I save about two hours which I can then use towards doing other things I prefer. Even when I’m waiting at home that time can at least be more useful than wandering the aisles of the grocery store.

Time is our most precious resource so I try and think of ways to better spend it doing the things I like to do instead of the things I need to do. It is challenging to fit everything in, but the main thing I have learned is you do not find time, you usually end up making it. Each decision to do something is a decision to not do a bunch of other stuff. By doing the right things you can later liberate more of your time.

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