Begun the Campaign Season Has

May 21, 2018

This past weekend was the Connecticut Democratic State Convention in Hartford. When I was younger I attended the state convention all the time and even had the opportunity to go on the floor as a delegate once. Now that I live in Cambridge I have to watch this through the eyes of others. It was a surprising challenge.

On the Internet the convention felt like 2006 all over again. Ned Lamont, who ran for senate in 2006, was nominated for governor. A few of the bloggers from the 2006 Connecticut political sphere returned and were tweeting. I enjoyed seeing some tweets from CTBob and CTBlogger. Unfortunately despite the rise of Eva Bermudez-Zimmerman and theme of new voices, the online conversation did not seem to include many new voices. The land of steady habits remains steady.

The one upside is the folks at CTNewsJunkie did yeoman’s work in getting news out. Besides tweeting, Christine Stewart was live-streaming from the floor. Despite their smaller team, they felt like they had a larger presence than the larger media outlets in the state. I am of course a bit biased because I work with Doug and Christine, but looking at the hashtag on twitter and my general Facebook feed, I did not see other news outlets pushing nearly as much from the convention. They clearly won covering this.

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