PAX East 2018

April 07, 2018

When I was at Berkman Klein a couple years my co-workers invited me to go to PAX East with them. PAX East is a convention that celebrates gaming in all its forms from video games to tabletop and card games. While I have always enjoyed games and have played other people’s video game systems, I had largely taken a break from gaming during my college and law school years. PAX East brought me back into this fun field.

The neat thing about PAX is the variety of things to do. There is a giant expo hall with tons of vendors sharing their latest wares and technologies. There are tournaments around your favorite classics like Mario Kart. You can try things you have not tried before like virtual reality. It’s a chance to branch out and experience new types of storytelling.

I decided my goal this year was to participate in tournaments. I showed up and signed up for a VR tournament, a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament for Switch, and a Super Smash Brothers tournament. I do not know if I will win any of them but I think having a chance to play against others will be fun. I will get to try a new VR experience and some old classics.

Ultimately gaming is a big industry that still feels like it has not quite gone mainstream. PAX East is a chance to see new and creative entries in the field and try things without putting any of my own money on the line. If you are not a gamer I recommend attending to get a sense of the world of possibilities in gaming.

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