Augmented Reality

April 05, 2018

Last night my colleague Eric shared the following tweet with me:

I thought it was neat on two fronts: it looked like it did a good job of snapping the augmented layer to the real world and I often get lost indoors. Despite the organization system I often fail and waste time trying to locate things in retail stores. I can see this being a helpful tool for navigating super stores like IKEA or a Super Wal-Mart. But I do not think this is the kind of thing everyone will use. It will instead optimize the output of folks who are shopping for platforms like Instacart.

I believe that visualization is compression for information. Effective visualization, like the MAPC Equity Agenda Website, can convey things that would otherwise take thousands of words to understand. Organizations that learn how to harness augmented reality will be able to more quickly train their workers and tell stories that were not previously possible.

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