Tony Hwang Understands the Value of User Experience

February 25, 2015

From the New Haven Register:

At the suggestion of a colleague who spoke at the hearing, Hwang agreed that an easy to access link on the DPH website or on each hospital website would be satisfactory and allow consumers to readily find the information.

He said he began his search by going to individual hospital websites, assuming that is what a consumer would do.

He didn’t find the information, but if a hospital wanted to point out its particular success in a given area of care, that information was easily accessed.

Finding information on hospital associated infections, by using the state Department of Public Health site, is a multi-step process.

You first go to the Department of Public Health website;then to Topics A-Z; then find Healthcare Association Infections; then go to HAI Data, Reports and Publications; then, under Acute Care Hospitals Data to the Hospital Compare link that will take you to the information gathered by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

As the article describes the information the state is collecting is already available, but it’s just not easily accessible. These kinds of problems are not limited to hopsital infections but other data that people are looking for. Webmasters can use tools like Google Analytics to determine what information people are looking for and then get an idea of how easy or difficult it is for them to find it, and also to get an idea of if they are failing and figuring out ways to get them to the data.

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