How is your e-mail inbox doing?

August 31, 2014

For e-mail it is both the best of times and worst of times. Tools like GMail and Mailbox make it super-easy to sort and process it. Companies have figured out how to use it in interesting and effective ways like sending me my airline boarding pass or a map of the Uber ride I just took and its cost. I receive some high quality newsletters from Connecticut Mirror,, and Popvox.

Then some companies and organizations are doing a terrible job. Political organizations (and some charities) treat it like a slot machine and every e-mail seems to just ask in a different way to give money. Gary Vaynerchuk would say there are too many right hooks and not enough jabs in those. I like to read them once in a while to see the copy, but I filter them so they don’t hit my inbox.

Sony and Bed Bath & Beyond seemingly send me the same list of products or coupon every week. I just unsubscribed from both of them.

How do you keep your inbox under control? Who is doing e-mail well and who is doing it poorly?

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