Sunday Must Reads & Cool Apps

November 18, 2012

Instead of a long post I am sharing an eclectic collection of interesting links today:

  • Clay Shirky wrote an essay on the future of higher education. I think he neglects one issue: the enthusiasm gap. Online learning works great for people who are interested in learning. How do we make it work for the disinterested or people who just want a job?
  • The New York Times had an interesting article on app makers. It seems that the App Store on Apple's website has created downward price pressure on software which is good for consumers but is hurting developers. I think once the flush of venture funding for new apps dries up we'll see higher prices again. Free is not a sustainable model, and quite frankly most of the software I have paid for is much higher quality than the free stuff.
  • The Atlantic had a fantastic article on Harper Reed and Obama's technology team.
  • If you have an iPhone I recommend downloading the DuoLingo app if you are interested in learning or brushing up on a foreign language. It syncs and works with their website.
  • Quora is a question and answer website. Right now it has lots of focus on technology and startup issues but they have sections for a large variety of things. They recently updated their iPhone app.
  • Did you know GMail has keyboard shortcuts? Try them out and see if they save you time.
  • I recently picked up Sublime Text 2 for code editing. I thought this tutorial on Tuts+ was helpful. I am still learning the ropes but I think this might be a keeper. If you do not do web or software development this is probably not worth bothering with.

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