Fun Friday: Paper for iPad

November 09, 2012

One of the things that I have not yet been satisfied with are the apps for iPad that attempt to emulate a notebook. I bought a stylus for my iPad about a year ago and rarely use it. However I think I have finally found something to change that. Paper for iPad is the first app that I’ve found enjoyable to use for this purpose. The virtual pen feels like a pen and is the first one that does not make my horrid handwriting look more ugly than it already is. Fast Company recently published an article detailing the amount of effort that went into their color mixing tool. It is incredible that I can buy the fruits of that much labor for only $1.99 (the basic app is free but the mixing app is an in-app purchase).

To really get an idea of the potential of this application I recommend exploring the Made with Paper blog. Some of the drawings are phenomenal. I am not bold enough to share any of my own creations yet. I have mostly been making random doodles and using it like a notebook. Maybe with a little practice I will try and make something neat and share it. If you make a drawing with Paper that comes out nice feel free to share it in the comments below.

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