Fun Friday: Letterpress for iOS

November 02, 2012

I used to be a big gamer but after college I have spent increasingly less time playing games. However I do enjoy some of the games that my iPhone and iPad can play. I have been hooked into the popular Words with Friends for a while and eventually relented and bought the ad free version. However my new favorite is a game called Letterpress. Letterpress was designed by the developer of the program Tweetie that was later turned into the official twitter app (which then degraded in quality and now has been replaced by Tweetbot on my machines). The game board is similar to Zynga’s scramble:

You can spell words using any of the letters on the board. If you use a letter it changes to your color (you gain points for changing colors, your opponent loses points if they lose colors). If you surround a letter with other tiles of your color then your opponent cannot turn it to their color on the next turn. Whoever has the most points after all letters have been used once wins. Simple, but addictive. I am surprised to find nobody I know is playing this game, it seems to be popular among what we’d call the digerati and I think it’ll take off soon.

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