Surviving Sandy

October 31, 2012

For all the hype Sandy did not have a huge impact on those of us in inland Connecticut. The damage in my area was fairly limited and we got our power back this morning. This stands in contrast to Irene where it took about a week for it to return. It seems the measures CL&P and the state has taken have been effective. Cell service was never interrupted and everyone that purchased generators over the past year had an opportunity to test them out. Based on the current service levels I do not think CL&P will win any medals, but maybe people will be less angry.

I followed most of the storm on twitter. It seemed that most of the world was doing the same thing as I: sitting at their computer and waiting for their power to die. I think that when things like this happen, twitter and facebook do a much better job of spreading information than the regular news media. You can only watch people getting blown away by the heavy winds at the shoreline so much, but twitter is quick to latch on to unique angles and propagate them. It really has become the world’s chatroom for current events.

Finally I cannot understate the horror of the devastation across the shore. The pictures from New York City are incredible. I recommend checking out the slide show from The New York Times.I also recommend this BuzzFeed compilation.

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