Soundcloud - The Best Media Site You Aren't Using

June 20, 2012

I have been a fan of Soundcloud for a while now. Basically it is a YouTube for audio content. The iPhone application allows you to record audio and upload it directly to your account. Poking around it you can find some interesting interviews. Robert Scoble has technology related interviews with people involved in funding start-ups. However I especially enjoyed the discussion of the HBO Game Change movie, which I have embedded below.

Game Change is a book that chronicles the 2008 election between Barack Obama and John McCain. The movie is based on the portions of the book that tell the story of the selection of Sarah Palin as Vice-President. It’s worth the watch if you are a political junkie. You get a better behind the scenes impression of the campaign than most TV reporting provided and learn tidbits that you may have missed. Both the book and movie are a bit on the gossipy side which is a positive if you enjoy stories and character development, but might be frustrating to people who view negative treatment as character assassination. Palin was one of the latter and she started criticizing the movie before its release. However after watching it I tend to view it as fair and in many ways I felt more sympathetic towards Palin than I did before watching the movie.

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