John Larson Speaks at First Congressional District Convention

May 15, 2012

John Larson speaking

Convention season continued last night with the congressional district conventions. In some districts like the fifth these are competitive affairs. However here in the first district we already know and love Congressman John Larson so it’s more of a party. Political junkies from towns across the first district gathered to eat food, drink, and listen to the congressman lay the foundation for the upcoming campaign. The logo for this season is a star with an eagle and Larson spent much time talking about Pratt & Whitney and how his father would go to work to keep the eagle flying.

For readers that are not involved in the political process getting to go to a convention is not a terribly difficult process, especially if it is uncontested. The local town committee usually approves the slate of delegates that will be sent to the convention. So if you are involved and volunteer with the committee then you can ask to be put on the list, and even if you are not there are often last minute cancellations so you can go as a proxy. If you cannot register as a delegate you can also sometimes show-up as a guest. One town at the convention actually brought several republicans with them as guests. It was nice to see the spirit of bipartisanship is still alive in some places.

If you want to read accounts of the third and fifth district conventions I recommend reading Aldon Hynes’s blog.

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