2-19 Sunday Must Reads

February 19, 2012

I’ve been sharing some good links on my twitter and facebook but wanted to post them here so they don’t go into the abyss.

First I found a 1993 profile of Jon Pelto from The New York Times. Anyone following Connecticut politics is familiar with Pelto’s firebrand commentary on facebook and his blog. The article gives some interesting background and context in regards to his approach including his lack of fear at rattling the establishment.

Second I found a 1994 profile of Congressman John Larson from the Hartford Courant. The profile is written in the context of his run for Governor but provides insight into his style of politics and his background.

Today the New York Times ran an article about the largest kidney chain that’s been executed to date. The author weaves in some interesting bits about the entrepreneur that made the chains possible along with stories about the people involved in the chain and its lifesaving implications.

Finally there is this New York Times Magazine article about how companies learn your secrets.

For these long reads I use and recommend Instapaper. The website/program will format the articles for easy reading and there are apps available for iPad and iPhone so you can read the articles on the go.

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